4 Common Myths About Root Canals Busted
21 Nov 2022

This is not the first time that we are talking about root canal therapy. We understand the fear associated with this treatment or procedure type. Mostly, it is because of lesser known facts about the treatment and widely known myths that we too easily believe.

In this blog post, we are going on a myth-busting trip! We are going to lay down some commonly known and believed misconceptions related to this dental procedure. The more you have the right knowledge and information, the less likely you will fall for false and made-up facts.

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4 Commonly Known Myths About Root Canal Therapy:

Myth 1: Tooth Pain Means You Need To Get A Root Canal Therapy

In general, it is less likely to experience pain in dental issues unless the condition is severe. This is why it is important not to skip your regular dental checkups.

Also, a person can experience tooth pain for various reasons; it doesn’t really have to be only concerning root canal issues.

For instance, you can experience toothache due to sinus pressure, gum disease, cracked teeth, or cavities in your teeth. One needs to get root canal therapy when the pulp of the tooth is infected.

Myth 2: Root Canal Therapy Is A Painful Procedure

You need to understand that any surgical procedure is not performed without preparation. Being said that, root canal therapy is done using the latest dental tools which also includes the use of anesthesia.

Your certified dental expert or endodontist will help you understand the process and how an infected pulp is removed without causing any pain. All in all, it is a safe and painless process to get in this day and age.

Myth 3: It Is Better To Pull Out A Tooth Than Getting A Root Canal Therapy

A natural tooth is always the best type of tooth. If it can be salvaged using treatments and procedures like root canal therapy, it is better to choose that option.

In cases when damage is more and the tooth cannot provide the support and function then it is better to go on to the next best available options such as dental implants.

Also, you will need lesser time to recover after root canal therapy as compared to the dental implant.

Myth 4: Root Canal Treatment Can Cause Illness

Root canal therapy in today’s time is considered a completely safe and painless process. There is no such scientific evidence or data to back this myth about root canal procedures.

Consult your trusted dentist and dental expert to gain more understanding of the process and how it is done.

Root Canal Therapy & What To Expect?

Root Canal Procedure:

An endodontist or dentist can perform root canal therapy. They will first check your condition and take an x-ray of the affected to determine whether you need root canal therapy or not.

When performing the procedure, the first step is to use local anesthesia to ensure it is a painless process for you. A dental dam is used to isolate the affected tooth from the rest.

This helps in preventing any sort of bacterial or another type of contamination when doing the procedure. Next, the crown of the tooth is removed and the decayed portion is removed using a drill. Once done, the roots of your tooth are thoroughly cleaned.

Then a temporary filling is used to seal the area. In your second appointment for the process, you will get a permanent filling.

Root Canal Post-Procedure:

Once the effect of anesthesia wears off, it is normal to feel soreness in the treated area. Your dentist will recommend painkillers or over-the-counter medication to prevent pain. In cases where infection reaches the root of the tooth, patients are prescribed antibiotics as well.

It is normal to feel soreness for a couple of hours after the procedure, it is best to not consume any solid food and not to chew from the treated side.


Root canal surgery is a quite a safe procedure and it helps you to get rid of the teeth infection and pain due to that problem. You also restore your tooth back to normal for regular functioning. Find out more about dental treatments and services by checking out our treatment section. For general and specialist dental services in rewari, You Can Reach Out To Devshree Dental Clinic Today! Book your appointment with us for safe and cost-effective treatment.

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