6 Tips To Prevent Gums From Receding
14 Dec 2022

“Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache.”

Receding gums is certainly one of the common dental issues that we handle and see people going through. A poor oral health can lead to gum problems which include gum recession. In this condition, gums pull back which creates a gap or pocket between tooth and gum.

This gap becomes the breeding ground of bacteria which could lead to damaged bone and tissues. If left untreated, this condition can lead to tooth loss along with severe pain.

A gum recession doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process and it is important to prevent the condition from getting worse. The best way to tackle that is to get your dental check-up done regularly.

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6 Tips You Can Prevent Gum Recession:

1. Don’t Compromise Your Oral Health:

Dental hygiene will help you stay away from dental problems like gum recession, tooth decay, and other periodontal diseases. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth two times a day. Floss and use mouthwash to prevent bacterial growth and plaque build-up.

2. Brushing Too Hard Is Not Recommended:

You can actually damage your gums and teeth by putting a lot of pressure on your teeth and gums when brushing. Be gentle and careful with your brushing ritual.

3. Regular Dental Visits:

Your dentist knows the best! Yes, they do as they will have a regular update on your teeth conditions. Your dentist will also remove any tartar build-up in your teeth and that can cause problems in the future. Regular brushing and flossing cannot get rid of tartar build-up.

4. Don’t Avoid Your Bruxism:

If you have a habit of clenching your teeth or grinding them then it could be a case of Bruxism. If left unaddressed, this problem can damage teeth and gums. The dentist might recommend using a mouthguard to prevent Bruxism.

5. Say No To Smoking And Tobacco:

Smoking and chewing tobacco are not just detrimental to your health; it also damages your oral health. Using tobacco can cause a recession of gums. Smoking leads to more tartar and plaque build-up which affects the overall oral health and causes dental problems including receding gums.

6. Lip And Tongue Piercings:

Jewelry on your tongue and lips can actually irritate the teeth and gums which can have noticeable problems such as gum recession.

What Should I Do If My Gums Are Already Receding?

In case you can notice that your gums are already receding, then it is important to consult your dentist soon enough! There are a few options that dentists will generally recommend depending on the condition and severity of gum recession:

Scaling & Root Planing: This procedure is used in case of mild gum recession. This helps in the deep cleaning of teeth, gums, and surrounding areas by removing tartar build-up. Next, they smooth out the roots of teeth which help the gums to reattach to the teeth.

Regeneration: In case bone and gum tissues are damaged then the regeneration process is used. In this process, deep cleaning is a must, after which your dentist will apply certain regenerative material to the bone and tissues which will help in healing and gums to reattach to teeth.

Gum Grafts: In this process, we take tissue from inside of your mouth and use that to layer it over the damaged gums. Connective tissue grafting and gingival grafting are the two types of gum grafting that can be done as per the patient’s condition.

Pedicle Graft: This is another grafting procedure for patients with receding gum problems but without any other oral condition.


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