8 Dental Habits To Follow During Pregnancy
18 Aug 2022

In this blog, we are going to highlight eight important dental habits that you need to follow to ensure you take good care of your health along with your growing baby. Pregnancy includes hormonal changes and other factors that can affect how your dental health in some ways. The best way to prevent problems is to be diligent with your oral care.

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Below Are The 8 Dental Habits To Follow During Pregnancy:

1. Proper Brushing & Pregnancy:

During the crucial period of pregnancy, it is very important to follow proper brushing rituals as your dental health also affects your overall health. You cannot risk developing dental problems during pregnancy that can also affect the baby.

Improper brushing can cause plaque build-up which can trigger gum diseases. Use a gentle brush and circular motion to clean your teeth two times a day.

2. Fluoride-Rich Toothpaste For Brushing:

Your toothpaste (along with a brush) helps in clearing out the gunk and food debris from the crevices of your teeth and prevents bacterial growth.

However, there are other benefits of using fluoride-rich toothpaste; it helps to strengthen your teeth and thus prevents the risk of developing cavities and gum problems during pregnancy.

3. Use Of Mouthwash & Pregnancy:

Mouthwash is a good way to double down on your oral health. It is effective to use mouthwash because it helps in reducing the acidic level of the mouth and boosts teeth mineralization.

You can consult your dentist for the best mouth wash that you can use during your pregnancy.

4. Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy:

Water is an elixir for general health, during pregnancy, and even for your dental health. Water flushes out the acidic and food debris, keeps your mouth clean, and prevents undesirable bacterial action.

5. Fruits, Vegetables, Dental Health & Pregnancy:

Not only vegetables and fruits will replenish your health and provide you with essential fiber and vitamins, but it also helps you to keep your teeth in a good state. The crunchy fruits and vegetables work as natural teeth cleaner which keeps your oral health in good shape.

6. Cut Down Or Limit Sugar And Acidic Food Consumption:

Sugar items when you consume, get stuck to your teeth and that’s what is favorable for bacterial growth and that causes the production of acid in your mouth.

This acidic effect ruins the teeth enamel and that makes teeth prone to cavities and decay. You can consume them in a limited and balanced amounts to avoid dental issues.

7. Consulting Dentist During Pregnancy:

It is best to keep your dentist informed about your pregnancy to ensure that any elective dental procedures which are not urgent can be postponed until the delivery.

8. Medications, Pregnancy And Dental Consultation:

It is important that you consult and inform your dentist about the prescribed prenatal vitamins and other medications that you are taking.

Keep your dentist updated on your ongoing health and doctor’s recommendations so that your regular dental treatment plan can be customized to fit your condition.


Pregnancy is a crucial period for a female and her growing baby. Apart from taking care of your general health, it is also necessary to include dental health into account. Tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities are some general oral problems to keep an eye on and your general check-ups with your dentist will take care of that. Devshree Dental Clinic is your dental partner for certified and reliable dentist service in Rewari. Call Today To Book Your Appointment!

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