9 Dental Myths & Misconception You Should Stop Believing
01 Aug 2022

It is quite common to come across misinformation as it is to come across the right information. Through this dental blog, we are going to share some of the general dental myths and misconceptions that people generally have. Keep reading and find out how many you knew already!

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Here Are 9 Dental Myths And Misconceptions You Need To Know:

1. Hard Brushing Cleans Teeth Better:

This one is the most common one. This is a general misconception that brushing with a lot of force will make your teeth shine better. The hard fact is that it is completely false.

A hard brushing method will ruin your teeth enamel over the time and it is very likely to cause cavities and a rough way of brushing will leave your teeth more vulnerable to bacterial growth.

2. Sugar Causes Cavity:

Hear me out before you get shocked! Sugar does play a catalyst in giving oral bacteria something to feed on and in turn produces acid in the mouth that eats away the enamel which leads to a cavity.

However, sugar on its own is not the starter of cavity problems. Unless you are brushing and rinsing your teeth regularly, it is not a problem to consume sugar (in moderate amounts) in your diet.

3. Charcoal Toothpaste Is Most Effective:

The new trend and hype are that charcoal containing kinds of toothpaste is the best! While you jump to a conclusion and join the hype, here is the caveat; charcoal has an absorbent quality and that means it can rob your teeth and oral cavity of various essential nutrients.

4. Bleeding Gums Are Normal:

It is not something you should avoid. In most cases, gingivitis is the cause of bleeding gums. It is a gum problem that also indicates some sort of infection festering and thus requires attention and treatment.

5. Teeth Become Sensitive Due To Enamel Loss:

People can have sensitivity in teeth due to certain changes in pressure or temperature. It really doesn’t have any direct relation to enamel loss. Being said that, it is also important to protect teeth enamel.

6. All Toothpastes Are Same:

This misconception is not entirely false. There is a good share of toothpaste brands that have almost similar ingredients. However, kinds of toothpaste that are produced for special needs such as tooth sensitivity or gingivitis; they do have relevant ingredients to prevent such conditions of teeth.

7. Teeth Whitening Or Bleaching Is Harmful:

This is another misconception that people believe that whitening of teeth will damage them and lead to teeth sensitivity.

8. You Don’t Visit A Dentist Until It Pains:

People don’t believe in going for regular dental check-ups, with or without pain in the teeth. It is a misconception that your teeth don’t require regular maintenance and check-ups.

It is important to visit your dentist at regular intervals to ensure you are not suffering from some sort of dental problem.

9. Oral Problems Will Only Affect The Mouth:

Your mouth is a system that works is related to other body systems. Any problem in your oral cavity will also affect your body systems one way or the other, depending on the severity of the problem. It is essential to take oral health seriously.

So, these were the nine dental myths that you might have come across in your life. We at Devshree Dental Clinic make sure to provide the best of dental health facilities to our clients. We are well-equipped to provide you with the latest and best dental treatment services in Rewari. You Can Book Your Appointment Right Away!

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