Can Stressful Corporate Life Your Impact Oral Health?
27 Mar 2023

Corporate life is often compared to a busy work life and often it is true. These high-paying jobs come with loads of work, tight timelines, round the clock meetings, and what not. In this blog, we are discussing the impact of such work-lifestyle on oral health. It is possible to gradually develop serious health issues and health concerns in the shadow of maintaining a busy corporate life. Awareness is the key factor here. If you are aware of the possible problems, you are most likely to keep a check on such habits that can lead your life in bad shape in terms of health.

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The constant chase for the next best has become a rat race and that has led to various health concerns. Some of the symptoms of this high-stress work industry of corporate jobs include:

1. Stress

2. Depression & anxiety

3. Smoking addiction

4. Low immunity

5. Addiction to junk and unhealthy food

6. Drinking addiction

Let’s Discuss How These Symptoms Can Impact Your Oral Health:

1. Stress & Oral Health:

A Canadian study has revealed that chronic stress due to work can lead to poor oral health in 83 per cent of people. An increase in stress hormones and low immunity due to work pressure can cause poor oral health practice.

There is also a chance of unhealthy lifestyles, poor diets, and alcohol or substance abuse, etc. in such chronically stressed working people. These factors can cause dental cavities as well as periodontal diseases.

A recent study conducted on corporate employees for mapping their health chart revealed that around 22 per cent were diagnosed with hypertension, 40 per cent with dyslipidemia, 40 per cent with obesity, and 54 per cent with depression.

Since all these health concerns can also impact the oral health of a person, they can come out in the form of various oral problems such as dental cavities and decay, swelling in the gums, bleeding in the bums, etc.

2. Smoking Addiction & Oral Health:

Smoking not only affects and damages your lungs; it also impacts your oral health. Your teeth and gums get heavily affected and ruined due to smoking.

Almost 20 per cent of corporate employees smoke tobacco cigarettes. High competition, exhausting work timelines, and biased work culture can cause a person to look for means to de-stress and cope with the stressful situation and smoking is one of them.

Smoking can have detrimental effects on oral health such as bad breath, teeth discoloration, gum problems, risk of oral cancer, precancerous lesions in the mouth, plaque and tartar deposits on teeth, etc.

3. Anxiety & Oral Health:

Mental health problems can affect your physical health as well. People suffering from chronic mental health problems are likely to take less interest or not put in the effort in maintaining general habits that are related to physical health such as brushing your teeth.

Missing out on basic oral health can trigger various oral problems. On the flip side, it is possible that anxiety causes a person to brush but vigorously and that causes premature aging of teeth.

People battle with mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety can develop an eating disorder or bulimia. A study has revealed that to cope with stress a huge number of corporate employees are on antidepressants.

These medications can have side effects such as dry mouth, dental cavities or tooth decay and bad breath, etc.

4. Low Immunity & Oral Health:

A stressful work life can compromise your body's immunity to health concerns and that also impacts your oral health. One of the common problems people in stressful corporate jobs face is stress ulcers.

These employees suffer from various other oral problems like swelling or bleeding in gums, dental caries, etc. Low immunity people also have delayed responses in terms of wound healing after an oral surgery.

5. Addiction to Sweet and Junk Food & Oral Health:

To manage stress and busy work timelines, it is expected to have unhealthy eating habits such as relying on too much sugar for the instant energy to cope with the long-work hours.

One could also consume junk food and other feel-good food that is not good for your health or teeth in general. Over time such habits lead to dental problems and chronic health problems.

6. Drinking & Oral Health:

Corporate parties are a thing as networking is a huge part of this work culture. Consuming alcohol and other sugary beverages on such occasions can contribute to bad habits that can affect your health and teeth.

In the name of business meetings, if you are gulping down too much of caffeine in the form of tea or coffee or other sodas, that is also equal to compromising your dental health.

Discolored teeth, tooth cavities, and gum problems are some of the problems that you might have to deal with if you are used to such eating and drinking habits.


These were some of the health concerns that one might face when we overlook our dental and health in the name of trying to fit into the woke-work culture of high competition. It is best to maintain a balance and not let anything affect your health first. Too much of everything is bad and that fits perfectly here. Devshree Dental Clinic is among the best dentist service providers in Rewari. You can visit us for the latest dental consultation and treatment. Call Today To Book Your Appointment With Us.

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