Curious Case Of Missing Teeth And Underlying Risks
17 Mar 2021

Here is what you need to know if you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth. A missing tooth can not only affect your self-confidence (by impacting your overall appearance) it can also have some health risks. There could be long-term oral health issues that can be triggered by your missing teeth condition.

Through this blog post, we will be covering this issue of the missing teeth and how they can have certain health conditions. Devshree Dental Care is the top dentist service provider in Rewari and you can reach out to us today for your oral check-up, consultation, and treatment. Our professional dentists are here to help you with the latest treatment recommendations and services. So, feel free to give us a call today!

Let’s Find Out What Are Some Of The Common Underlying Or Hidden Risks Related To Missing Tooth:

Once you have lost a tooth or couple of teeth, it is very likely to experience a shift in the neighboring teeth due to the new found open gap or space. This means you need to consult with your orthodontist or dentist to correct this gap and get the right treatment.

One of the common problems that occur due to the shifting of teeth is bite problems. The person with this issue can also experience severe pain in TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint).

Open spaces and gaps due to loss of teeth can lead to gum diseases. Your oral health gets compromised as food debris can easily be stuck between these open spaces and can offer favorable conditions for bacterial growth. If not treated on time it will gradually lead to severe gum problems.

People who miss more than one tooth can experience problems in chewing food. Poorly chewed food will not be digested well by the body and that will trigger other sets of health complications. You can experience a chain reaction of bad health condition one after the other just because you have an untreated oral problem (which is teeth gap and missing teeth here).

Over a course of a period your jaw bone will deteriorate following the episode of tooth loss. Once jaw bone is affected it will impact the overall facial structure. Any change in natural appearance can eventually lower your self-esteem and that will affect your daily work and life.

What Can Be Done To Treat The Missing Tooth Problem?

Here are Some of the Possible Treatments and Procedures that your Dentist will suggest your:

Dental implants are recommended to prevent the bone loss that can occur after your tooth loss. These are titanium instruments that are fused with the live bone in your jaw region. It provides the support and structure to your overall jaw area and the target region.

Dental implants function quite similarly to your natural teeth.

The surgery for dental implants is not a complex process and it has a high success rate.

If done properly by the certified oral surgeon, dental implants are meant to work a lifetime for your treated area.

Dental bridges and dentures are some other options besides dental implants for tooth replacement. These treatments can have certain risk factors and it is better to first consult with your dentist to understand more about your teeth condition and which treatment will work best for you.


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