What Is Denture Stomatitis & How To Treat It?
03 Feb 2023

We are back with our new blog post for a fresh start in this new year of 2023! In this blog post, we are going to cover the topic of dental/oral disease. One can suffer from varying dental and oral problems and thus it is important to stay updated on the types of conditions there are when it comes to dental care and concerns.

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What Is Denture Stomatitis Or Oral Stomatitis?

It is an oral condition that is caused by a type of fungus called Candida. Humans do have a small amount of candida in their mouths which is normal.

However, when the growth is out of control, that’s when it becomes a point of concern as it turns into a fungal infection.

This infection is known as thrush when it happens on other parts of the body, but when it is related to the oral cavity it is known as denture stomatitis.

Who Can Get Affected From Denture Stomatitis/Oral Stomatitis?

People with irregular mouth hygiene, in terms of not keeping their teeth and tongue clean, can get this infection. Denture wearers can get this infection, and people who are suffering from diabetes and take their medication/steroids through inhalers or mouth can suffer from this type of fungal infection. Certain types of antibiotics can trigger thrush problems in people.

Dentists and Denture Stomatitis

When you have denture stomatitis, it is evident when you remove the dentures and see redness under the dentures. Red sores at the corner of your lips are also possible and your dentist can check and confirm it for you.

Does Denture Stomatitis Need Treatment?

If left untreated, it is possible that the soreness in the mouth will increase with time and your dentures won’t fit well.

Treatment & Denture Stomatitis

1. Oral Hygiene:

It is essential to follow your oral routine for dental hygiene. Keep your dentures clean and you can rinse your mouth and dentures after every meal to ensure they are clean. Quit smoking as it can contribute to the growth of fungal infections.

2. Denture Cleaning:

Keep your dentures clean and out of your mouth during the night. Not wearing your dentures at night can help in reducing the growth of fungal infections in your mouth. It is not a complex task to keep your dentures clean.

Just brushing and soaking is good enough to keep them clean. Use non-abrasive denture cleaner to ensure you don’t leave your denture surface with scars and grooves. Do not forget to clean the surface that fits against the gum area.

A proper, complete denture cleaning is important to ensure it won’t lead to yeast formation later. To get rid of plaque like stubborn stains from your dentures, it is essential that you also soak your dentures in denture-cleaning solution for some time every day.

If your dentures include metal parts, it is recommended not to use anything that can have a bleaching effect. You can use chlorhexidine once a week instead.

3. Medication And Denture Stomatitis:

If your denture stomatitis has not cleared even after keeping a good oral hygiene and everything then medication is the next step.

Your dentist will recommend tablets like lozenges which you such on slowly in your mouth. It can take up to one month for the treatment to show results.

What To Expect Next?

Once you have completed your medication course, your dentist will check for the improvement. In case the fungal infection hasn’t cleared up, then you will go through extra treatment to get rid of the problem.

Make sure to get new dentures after every couple of years to keep your oral health in check and in good condition.


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