Do You Know About These 4 Common Endodontics Procedures?
24 Sep 2021

We are back with another interesting topic of dental treatment and dental concerns. In this blog, we will highlight about endodontics and what it is all about. By the end of this blog, you will learn the four most common endodontics procedures that are performed by dental professionals.

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What is Endodontics?

It is a field of dentistry that deals with the study and treatment of dental issues/diseases pertaining to the dental pulp which are the soft tissues inside a tooth.

When there is any problem related to the pulp of your teeth then you will consult with an endodontics.

Some of the Common Dental Procedures that come under Endodontics are as under:

Root Canal Therapy:

This treatment procedure is needed when the pulp inside the tooth is severely infected or decayed. This process helps in getting rid of infected pulp. Your dentist will remove, disinfect and then clean the inside of the infected tooth.

If necessary, the dentist will use biocompatible substances in the inside space of the tooth. Lastly, the dentist will seal off the area using the filling and then put a crown to prevent unwanted elements from reaching the insides of the tooth.

It is one of the most common endodontics procedures administered by dentists every year across the globe.

Endodontic Surgery:

A root canal is effective when the treatment requires just the pulp portion but in case the infection has spread into the bond area then endodontic surgery is the process for infection removal.

In this process, the dentist will treat the infection through the gum tissue and the process is called apicoectomy or root end surgery.

Hidden Tooth Fracture Treatment:

Here we are talking about teeth fractures that happen below the gumline. In such a scenario, general filling and crown procedures will not be effective. This is another common procedure that endodontics handle.

Deep fractures can cause extreme pain to patients so much that it can be painful even to chew. Your endodontist will assess your condition and depending on the severity of the problem will recommend the best option.

Teeth Loss Due to Trauma:

Reinsertion of the tooth is possible when the tooth detaches from the socket due to trauma. The severity of the case will determine if it is possible to salvage the tooth and reattach it to the socket. It is highly recommended to reach out to your dentist as soon as possible for the emergency consultation and treatment.

Endodontics & Natural Teeth:

Your endodontist, in general, will help you with keeping your oral health in the best condition. You can consult them for oral infections, cracked as well as missing teeth/teeth, and they will recommend you the best treatment and procedure for your dental condition.


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