How To Fix Small Teeth? Dental Treatments 101…Part I
29 Dec 2020

We all hope for the best teeth but do we really work for it? Dental hygiene is something everyone knows about but not everyone is ready to invest the time into it. Through our blog posts, we try to enlighten our readers in the hope that you get the latest and best information on dental services and treatments that are available out there.

You can reach out to Devshree Dental Clinic for the dentist services in Rewari for any general or emergency dental service. Moving on, through this blog post today we will be discussing a little bit about small teeth and various problems including the aesthetic problems related to it and how you can fix them.

Often, people with small teeth have concerns such as teeth grinding and eating difficulty and jaw problem, etc. Also, if you are aesthetically not pleased by your small teeth then it can be corrected so that you don’t have to be too concerned about your looks.

Why Do You Have Small Teeth?

Microdontia are teeth that develop small or look smaller than the average teeth of general people. It is normal to have a couple of small teeth in general but if you have all your teeth smaller in size compared to the general teeth size then it is the case of microdontia.

Microdontia Is Further Divided Into Three Different Types:

True Generalized: In this case of microdontia all the teeth are smaller than the average size. Pituitary dwarfism is normally the condition that could trigger this problem of microdontia.

Relative Generalized: In this category of microdontia even though the teeth are of normal size, the jaw size or the extension (too far over the teeth) can give teeth the appearance of being too small.

Localized: In this type of microdontia you will find only a couple of teeth affected and most likely only the root or crown of teeth being affected. It is also the most common type of microdontia.

As the condition of microdontia is hereditary, so if a parent has the problem, it is likely that the child will have the short teeth problem as well. Sometimes, the condition could be a side-effect of a genetic disorder such as cleft-palate or radiation exposure. Another reason for small teeth could be the excessive teeth grinding problem, which is also known as bruxism. Consulting your dentist for bruxism condition will help you get the right treatment to subside the condition and related side-effects.

Is It Possible To Make Small Teeth Bigger?

Check with your dentist and get a consultation on how you can get your smaller teeth corrected. Smaller teeth can often lead to oral health concerns and various orthodontic problems (in case your teeth don’t fit properly or have gaps wider than regular ones) that can cause tooth decay and wearing and tearing of teeth.

Dentists can perform dental treatments to increase your teeth size. After careful evaluation of your condition your dentist will recommend you one of the following dental treatments for smaller teeth:

  • Dental Bonding
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Veneers
  • Gum Reshaping


Meet our dental experts and best dentist in Rewari to know more about these treatments and how you can get them at the right price. We are not done yet and stay tuned to our blog section to learn more about these treatments. Give Us A Call In Case You Want To Know More About Our Services.

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