How To Manage Your Child’s Chipped or Cracked Tooth?
22 Oct 2020

“Effort is like toothpaste; you can usually squeeze out just a little bit more.”

Your dentist is your best confidant when it comes to saving the day from dental issues. However, you cannot always be near your dentist at all times, especially during what we call a dental emergency. Our kids can run into simple and complex problems every now and then and it is important to be prepared in case any emergency arises.

Talking about a dental emergency, what would you do if your kid has chipped, knocked out, or cracked a tooth? Small or big, any dental emergency will need dental evaluation by your dentist to make sure the teeth, jaw, and related places are not damaged in any way.

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It is common that small wear tear of tooth might not be noticeable and the child might not even feel any pain, but in other cases when a large part of teeth gets chipped or knocked out, it can be a pretty painful episode.

Here are Simple Steps to Understand in case your Child has broken a Tooth or Chipped their Teeth:
  • Contact your family or child’s dentist right away.
  • Rinse your child’s mouth with water.
  • In case of swelling, you can use a cold compress on the face to minimize the effect.
  • Make sure to bring the chipped or fragmented tooth to your dentist if possible.

In case your child’s milk tooth/deciduous tooth is knocked out, it is best to not try replanting it back as it can damage the growth of permanent teeth that will grow eventually. The best way to deal with such situations is to visit the dentist and take the tooth along for the evaluation.

If your child has knocked out their permanent tooth, you will have to first rinse it carefully and then you can try to replace it as soon as possible, also visit the dentist immediately.

Best Way To Temporarily Replant A Tooth: Here are some useful tips to temporarily fix the permanent tooth that has been knocked out.
  • Avoid touching the root of the tooth and pick it from the crown (the wide part of the tooth).
  • Gently rinse the tooth (you can use cold water to rinse for 10 seconds or so). Avoid using soap or scrub on the tooth.
  • Now gently try to put back the tooth into the socket and ask your child to gently bite down on a piece of washcloth or gauze.
  • If it is not possible to replant the tooth, put it in a clean box/container, and visit your dentist ASAP. You can use water or cold milk to keep the tooth moist until you reach your dentist.
  • Do not avoid getting dental help at this stage.


It is difficult to monitor your child’s activities every moment to save them from any harm or injury but what you can do is to be prepared. You can ask your child to wear a mouth guard while they play or engage in outdoor sports activities.

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