Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Calcium Level in 2021
25 Feb 2021

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.”-Miguel de Cervantes

Our body needs the right nutrition to maintain that healthy state and that’s why doctors recommend a balanced diet. Vitamins and minerals are an important part of our nutrition and today we are going to talk about how you can maintain a healthy calcium level in your diet. Calcium is one of the essential minerals that gives strength to our teeth, bones, and jaw and overall supports a healthy way of living.

In case you don’t consume enough calcium in your diet your body will extract that form bones and teeth and that can lead to leaving your teeth and bones vulnerable to damage and injury. Even problems such as tooth decay and osteoporosis are more common among people with inadequate calcium levels in their bodies.

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How Much Calcium Do You Need?

It is a misconception that only children require to maintain proper calcium levels in their bodies. In reality kids, adolescents, as well as adults, need to manage their calcium level in the body to prevent any unfortunate health condition in the future. As we get older it is important to watch your calcium level as it will prevent in slowing down bone loss as well as keep your teeth in good condition for a longer period of time.

Here Is A General Idea On How Much Calcium You Need On A Daily Basis:

· Children And Teens

Age 1-3 500mg
Age 4-8 700mg
Age 9-11 1000mg
Age 12-18 1300mg

· Adults

Women aged over 19-50 1000mg
Women aged over 50 1300mg
Men aged 19-70 1000mg
Men over 70 1300mg

Here Are The Best Sources Of Calcium:

Below are some useful tips on dietary sources that will fulfill the daily requirement of calcium for your body.

Dairy Products:

Dairy items are a good source of calcium and you gave a lot of options to get enough calcium in your diet. For instance, yogurt will have 386 mg per 200 g, milk gives you 367 mg per 250 ml and cheese has 209 mg calcium per slice. People who are lactose intolerant or don’t want to depend on animal products for calcium intake can opt for soy based alternatives to get enough calcium in their daily diet.

Leafy Greens And Calcium:

Green leafy vegetables are also a great source of calcium and various other important vitamins and minerals. For instance, every cup of spinach contains 245 mg of calcium, every cup of kale has 172 mg of calcium, and per cup of mustard greens will provide 165 mg of calcium in your diet, whereas one cup of bok choy has 158 mg of calcium and every cup of okra will have 123 mg of calcium.

Fish And Calcium:

Fish has considered one of the best dietary sources for calcium whether it be tinned or fresh fish. For instance, only 90 g of tinned sardines have 486 mg of calcium.


Tofu is a rich source of calcium if you are not fond of animal food products. Even if you enjoy your dairy, you can still enjoy the tofu to replenish your calcium intake. Every cup of tofu contains 832 mg of calcium.

Nuts, Seeds, And Calcium:

Nuts are considered healthy snacks and are good for your teeth in general apart from serving as a good source of calcium. Almond and Brazil nuts for instance are rich in calcium with 378 mg and 212 mg per cup respectively.


We have various breakfast cereals as well as slices of bread and fruit juices that come with fortified calcium and are a good source of calcium for you and your kids.

Calcium Supplements:

In case you are unable to get the suggested daily calcium requirement in your diet, it is very likely that your dentist will recommend you calcium supplements. However, only take medicine if it is recommended by your dentist or doctor.


We also recommend not consuming food items that are high in sugar as it can lead to bacterial growth in the mouth that can lead to various problems. Stick to a good diet such as milk and water rather than having soft drinks and related drinks on a daily basis. Get the best advice and treatment for your dental problems and issues at Devshree Dental Clinic. We are the top dentist service provider in sector 3 Rewari. Feel Free To Give Us A Call Today!

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