Did You Know These 3 Main Reasons Behind Bad Breath?
20 Feb 2023

Bad breath is one of the common oral problems that many people suffer from due to varying underlying reasons. Devshree Dental Clinic is your friendly best dentist clinic present in Rewari with certified dental treatment facilities available without much hassle.

You can reach out to us through a call or the website to book your dental appointment with us. In this blog, we are going to discuss what the three main reasons why someone suffers from bad breath.

Bad Breath & Halitosis

Halitosis is an oral condition of bad breath and according to a survey, one in three people suffers from bad breath problems. It certainly has to do with bacterial build up and other contributing factors. Bad breath affects you as well as people who come in close contact with your breath in some way.

Here Are Three Main Reasons Why You Could Be Experiencing Bad Breath:

1. Poor Oral Hygiene Can Lead To Bad Breath:

When finding the root cause of any problem, we must make sure the basic requirements are fulfilled.

When talking about bad breath and the reason behind it, make sure to check if you are regular and diligent with your daily brushing and flossing ritual. Improper brushing of teeth can easily welcome various dental issues such as the bad breath.

Plaque build-up and not clearing the food debris from the teeth on time can easily lead to halitosis as bacterial growth will cause an unpleasant odor. Never skip brushing your teeth in the morning and at night before going to bed.

Drink water after having your meal to clear your oral cavity from any food particles stuck between teeth. Instead of consuming sugary and aerated drinks after your meal, it is best to have simple water to keep your mouth and body hydrated as well as teeth clean and free from bacterial build-up.

2. Consuming Alcohol And Suffering From Bad Breath:

Alcohol affects your body and health in different ways and one of the bad effects of consuming alcohol is suffering from bad breath issues.

People who regularly consume alcohol also have an impact on their digestive systems. Alcohol gets directly mixed into the bloodstream without going through the standard digestive process and that leads to harmful substances getting ingested directly.

This can further damage internal organs such as the esophagus and that causes bad breath. Alcohol also causes burping and retching problems which can contribute to acid reflux problems that can further cause bad breath issues.

3. Skipping Breakfast And Bad Breath Problem:

Our saliva has many benefits and one of them is keeping our oral cavity and digestive tract clean.

Mouth dryness can easily lead to bacterial action which can cause various oral problems including bad breath.

Starting your day with a good breakfast means giving your salivary glands a chance to start working and producing needed salvia to help with the digestion of food.

Skipping meals in the morning can cause lesser production of saliva and that can cause dryness of mouth which will lead to bad breath.


These were three simple reasons that commonly cause bad breath. Did you enjoy this blog post? Stay tuned for more such interesting facts about oral health and hygiene. Devshree Dental Clinic is your friendly dentist and dental service provider in Rewari. We are just a call away! Book Your Appointment Today.

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