Did You Know Snoring Affects On Your Oral Health?
03 Mar 2023

Although we think our snores only bother the ones around us, but that is not the whole case. Snoring might look like a harmless condition in a person but it can affect the oral health/well being of the person snoring.

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What Are The Causes Of Snoring?

When we sleep, it is normal that tissues present in the tongue, throat, and roof of our mouth to relax. However, when these soft tissues relax to the point that they partially block the airway (especially if you are on your sleeping on your back), then the air flowing through the throat will be obstructed by the soft tissues present in the path of the air and that will lead to vibration of these soft tissues which will lead to snoring.

How loud a person will snore will depend on how narrow this airway is (as loud snoring will be caused by forceful airflow). When your airway is obstructed during sleep, it will cause snoring. This obstruction can be due to the tongue or like mentioned before, the soft tissues in the mouth.

Why Do I Snore?

It is common among adults to snore from time to time. Studies have shown that chronic snoring is seen in 24% of women, 40% of men, and 10% of children.

Some Of The Causes Behind Snoring Include:

1. It is possible that some people are born with a narrow airway, which means it is normal for them to develop snoring conditions. Elongated uvula, large tonsils, or thick, soft, or low palate can cause a narrow airway that leads to snoring.

2. Change in the airway when you sleep on your back and use a flat pillow that causes snoring.

3. Case of obesity, which causes more tissue around the throat area, which narrows airways and that leads to snoring.

4. People with chronic nasal congestion can develop snoring issues as airflow is obstructed for them.

5. Consumption of alcohol or tobacco can cause the relaxing of muscles around the throat which obstructs airflow and thus snoring.

6. If you have a family history of snoring, there is a possibility that you will develop the condition.

If you are facing severe snoring conditions, it is possible that you wake up tired due to not getting enough oxygen during your sleep. It is possible that you have sleep apnea which is causing snoring and in that case, it is best to consult your doctor for consultation.

Snoring and Bad Breath

Snoring can cause bad breath. When snoring you are breathing from your open mouth and that can cause dryness in the mouth.

Saliva protects your teeth and oral cavity from bacterial action. However, dry mouth means bacteria have better access to your oral cavity and that means infections, tooth cavities, and decay, which means bad breath.

Saliva removes the food debris and bacteria residing in our mouth and without saliva, your mouth becomes a breeding ground for teeth bacteria and that cause bad odor in the mouth.

Dental Help For Snoring

Consulting your dentist for a snoring problem is a good start to reaching a particular solution for your problem. Your dentist will perform a sleep study, to understand and monitor/assess your sleep patterns and what are the related vital signs during your sleep.

These experts will be able to analyze and reach a conclusion as to why you snore and what to recommend for further procedures. Your dentist might recommend remedies that will help in dealing with/preventing snoring.

Some Of The Strategies/Tips To Reduce Snoring Are:

1. Don’t consume alcohol before going to bed.

2. Sleep on your sides rather than on your back.

3. Use nasal strips to open obstructed/narrowed nasal airways.


Consulting and discussing with your dental expert will help you find a way to work on your snoring problem and get a rejuvenating night's sleep every day. Devshree Dental Clinic is available for dentist service in Rewari. We are just a call away! Reach Out Today To Book Your Appointment With Us!

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