Teeth Bleaching in Devshree Dental Clinic : Myth Versus Fact 2021
21 Jan 2021

Devshree Dental Clinic is among the most trusted dental clinics for top dentist services in sector 3 of Rewari. Find out more about our services on our treatment pages. Through this blog post, we will be focussing on some of the general myths that are going around related to teeth bleaching treatment.

We will be busting some of these myths and try to shed some light on what is teeth bleaching and how it can help you in maintaining oral hygiene. We always recommend first consulting your dentist about your dental concerns and only after they recommend you should go for the treatment.

So, Let’s Get Right Into It. Here Are Some Of The Myths About the Teeth Bleaching Process That You Need To Know:

Myth1: Teeth Bleaching Will Make Your Teeth Weak.

Fact: Teeth bleaching will not weaken your teeth. It is done using a gel and that gel removed the teeth stain and doesn’t harm the enamel. Your teeth will be as strong after the treatment as they were before the procedure.

Myth2: The Teeth Bleaching Chemicals Will End Up Making Your Teeth Sensitive.

Fact: Teeth bleaching process will include teeth cleaning and that can leave your teeth slightly sensitive for just a couple of days. However, dentists do provide you with proper after care gels and pastes to prevent that temporary sensitivity from causing any problem.

Myth3: The Effect Of Teeth Bleaching Will Wear Out Quite Soon And The Teeth Will Go Back To Usual Condition.

Fact: Your teeth will maintain the result for at most 6 months and if you will continue your next couple of bleaching treatments in the suggested time interval the result will be longer lasting.

Myth4: Teeth Bleaching Harm The Gums Due To All The Chemicals Present In The Process.

Fact: Teeth bleaching is a simple process and dentists take all the proper measures before starting the process to ensure only the teeth come in contact with the chemicals used. Dam around the gums is placed to provide required support and safety.

Myth5: It Is Easy To Get The Same Result Using At-Home Teeth Bleaching Kit That We Get After Visiting The Dental Clinic. It Is Unnecessary To Waste Time And Money Visiting Dentist Clinic For The Same Treatment.

Fact: Generally, the at-home kits have abrasive agents that are not entirely good for the teeth. You might even damage your gum due to a lack of equipment and safety knowledge. You do not want to end up having various teeth and gum problems just because you didn’t know how to do at-home teeth bleaching treatment. It’s better to consult your dentist and get the help/suggestion.

It is best to visit your trusted dental clinic when you are looking for dental maintenance and regular consultation. Your dentist will assess your condition and accordingly recommend the effective treatment.


You will be spending your 45 minutes in the dentist clinic for your teeth bleaching process. It is recommended to avoid consuming coloured food items for at least the next 48 hours after your treatment. Apart from these precautions, there is nothing more that you have to do after getting your teeth bleached. Feel Free To Give Us A Call For The Best Dentist Treatment Service In Rewari.

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