Do You Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Old Toothbrush?
24 Apr 2020

Are you serious when it comes to keeping your teeth clean? Do you have the right tools to keep your oral cavity in the best shape? When it comes to dental measures, do you change your toothbrush on a regular basis? Dental hygiene certainly doesn’t get the attention it should and we seldom follow the dental regimen seriously.

Let’s talk about dental hygiene and how often you should change your toothbrush to ensure you are not harming your teeth by using an overused brush with worn out bristles that would do anything but remove the plaque build-up in your teeth.

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Dental experts recommend changing your toothbrush after every three months of use. We use a toothbrush to get that plaque build-up removed from teeth and gums. A fresh /new toothbrush has fine bristles and is thus right for the job but over time the bristles are expected to wear and tear and then they become less efficient. According to studies, it takes 3 months for a toothbrush to lose its effectiveness.

Another reason to change your toothbrush would be the germs that build up in the bristles. Yes, overtime not just the bristles become less effective but also the germ build up increases. To avoid any gum or teeth infection, it is recommended to change your brush often (that is every three months).

After every use of toothbrush in morning and night, make sure to rinse off and dry your brush thoroughly. Store your brush in an upright position and away from the damp area. In case you are not keeping a count on the number of months you have been using the existing toothbrush; an easy way to find out if it is time to change your brush is by checking the bristles. If they are worn out or have frayed then it is the sign they are ready to be changed.

What Can You Expect If You Don’t Change Your Toothbrush On Regular Intervals?

Well, we have discussed already that a worn out toothbrush not just underperforms in cleaning your teeth and gums but also becomes home to germs and bacteria. There are certain risks that you might be inviting by not keeping your dental hygiene on point. Gingivitis is one of the teeth/gum problems that could be caused due to bacterial infection in your oral cavity.

How To Shop For Your Toothbrush?

Even when purchasing a simple item like toothbrush you will have to consider certain factors. Everyone has different dental requirements and underlying dental issues and thus it is better to get the toothbrush that works for your teeth and dental condition. Getting a quick consultation with your dentist would work miracles as they will not just check your teeth and gum condition but will also recommend which type of toothbrush will be effective. What head size you need, toothpaste that goes best for your teeth, etc.

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