What Causes Tooth Sensitivity To Cold And How You Can Deal With It?
13 Apr 2021

Ice-creams works best for every situation whether you it be a stressful day at work you want to unwind and enjoy a little with a cold and sweet ice cream or it is about celebrating something. It always works with ice cream unless you are sensitive tooth then the tooth sensitivity kills the joy and diminishes the charm of this sweet delicacy.

Did you know tooth sensitivity or dentinal hypersensitivity is one of the common dental conditions? Through this blog post, we will be shedding some light on this dental condition and discuss further about the causes and how one can deal with it.

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What Is The Cause Of Tooth Sensitivity?

Next to the enamel of the tooth, we have a sensitive layer of dentin. Dentin covers the tooth pulp and it is exactly the place where blood vessels and nerves are present. If the dentin gets exposed due to worn out or weakened enamel it will lead to tooth sensitivity. Some of the common problems that can lead to tooth sensitivity are as under:

Untreated Tooth Decay And Sensitivity

Tooth decay can tooth sensitivity as one of the symptoms. Tooth decay is visible as it starts with a scratch or small hole on your enamel of the tooth. Once the bacterial growth affects the enamel and makes its way past it, you can expect that your dentin will be vulnerable and exposed to the varying level of temperatures depending on the food you consume. This vulnerability will lead to tooth sensitivity.

Wrong Way Of Brushing And Use Of Toothpick

Brushing is good for your teeth but the wrong style of brushing especially aggressive brushing can destroy your teeth. Putting a lot of pressure while brushing will deteriorate your tooth enamel. Vulnerable enamel will create favorable conditions for bacterial growth and that can lead to tooth decay and subsequently tooth sensitivity. You also need to be very careful with a toothpick and how you use it around your teeth. Normally dentists recommend using floss instead of the toothpick to get rid of the food debris. Don’t harm your gums and teeth by poking around using a toothpick.

Bruxism/Teeth Grinding And Tooth Sensitivity

Bruxism is teeth grinding and stress could be one of the reasons why you grind your teeth. We all do it occasionally but people who have anxiety or have to work in the stressful environments are more likely to do it on regular basis. Clenching jaws too tightly will put unwanted pressure on your teeth and that will gradually affect your teeth by wearing them down. Once the enamel has been ruptured the teeth become more prone to problems of sensitivity.

Cracked/Chipped Tooth And Sensitivity

A chipped tooth can happen due to several reasons and one of the common causes being injury. Your tooth gets exposed to infection and bacterial growth once you have a cracked tooth that leads to worn out enamel. These problems can lead to tooth sensitivity.

Exposed Tooth Root And Sensitivity

The root of a tooth is present below the gum line. This part of the tooth contains the nerves and blood vessels. A layer of cementum protects this part. When this layer gets damaged the root becomes vulnerable and exposed which is often affected by the food that we eat and thus leads to sensitivity.

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