Top 10 Reasons Behind Why You Have Tooth Pain
06 May 2021

It is believed that toothache or tooth pain can be one of those health concerns that you just cannot ignore as it can easily impede your daily routine and meddle with your mental health as it certainly affects your mood and anxiety.

Whether it is a mild or throbbing ache in your tooth, it has some underlying reasons and that is the nerves present in the center of your tooth which is also known as the pulp region is affected. This pain or sensitivity is the sign your tooth is sending out to warn you that something is not right with the condition.

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Below Are Ten Different Reasons Why You Are Experiencing Pain In Your Teeth:

1. Dental Decay Or Cavity:

Oral bacterial that feed on food debris that gets stuck in your teeth can lead to the production of acid and with the time that can deteriorate the enamel of your teeth which leaves your tooth vulnerable to dental problems such as cavities.

2. Enamel Erosion And Toothache:

Another reason how your tooth enamel can get destroyed which can lead to tooth problems and certainly toothache includes gastric acid reflux and vomiting.

3. Gum Recession And Toothache:

Your gums recede over time and that can lead to tooth root sensitivity as they get exposed. Vigorous brushing is one of the reasons why gums recede and with time you will experience various dental issues including sensitivity and toothache.

4. Dental Procedures And Tooth Sensitivity:

If you have gotten any dental work done on your teeth recently, it is very likely that your pulp tissues can get inflamed for a temporary period and that can lead to temporary sensitivity.

5. Loose Or Old Dental Filling:

Dental fillings can wear off under certain conditions and once the gap or area is created it is easy for bacteria to create problems for the teeth which can lead to teeth sensitivity and toothache.

6. Crack, Fracture, Or Tooth Chipping:

You can harm your tooth if you are putting a lot of pressure while brushing, chewing with a lot of pressure, or suffer from teeth grinding. These all factors can chip, fracture, or crack your teeth which exposes your pearly whites to various problems and dental conditions.

7. Periodontal Disease And Toothache:

Plaque build-up around teeth can cause infection in the gums and that can trigger problems of inflammation and sensitivity as well as toothache.

8. Abscess:

This is the condition of a pus-filled sac and it is a type of dental infection. It can affect the roots of teeth or spaces between teeth and gums.

9. Bruxism And Toothache:

It is one of the parafunctional habits and this behavior can lead to teeth wearing out. Due to high pressure exerted on teeth, the teeth can get worn out and that increases the chances of teeth sensitivity.

10. Referred Pain And Toothache:

This is called referred pain because in these situations the origin of the pain is outside of the dental area however it may give the impression of getting pain from a specific tooth region. Certain infections and sinus congestion are some of these conditions.


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