We Debunk 10 Myths On Root Canal Treatment Procedure
31 Mar 2021

It is common to have misconceptions related to any subject or topic unless we have the right information. Dental services and treatments have improved within the past couple of decades but there is still a dearth of the right information that will keep the general public updated on the developments. Through this blog post, we will discuss the popular myths related to root canal treatment and we’ll bust those myths.

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Top 10 RCT Myths Are As Under:

Myth 1: Root Canal Treatment Is A Painful Process:

To put it simply, it is not a painful process. Your dentist will not be performing the procedure without administering local anesthesia. The anesthesia will numb the target region and that way you will not feel any discomfort or pain throughout the process. Once the procedure is complete your dentist will prescribe you antibiotics and pain killers.

Myth 2: Root Canal Treatment Is An Expensive Procedure:

Root canal therapy/treatment is not dirt cheap but it is not so expensive that people should just deal with the pain for the rest of their lives and ignore any viable option available to deal with it. There are certain factors that will influence the treatment cost and that includes, location of your tooth and also the cost related to the crown. So, you can first consult with your dentist and see if you can get any insurance coverage for your treatment.

Myth 3: Root Canal Treatment Is Risky:

It is a pure myth as RCT is an excellent procedure to salvage your natural tooth. In many situations, affected teeth can lead to various other health issues without proper treatment (such as RCT).

Myth 4: Root Canal Treatment Is Not That Necessary:

If your dentist recommends getting RCT that means you need root canal treatment. Whether the pain persists to exist or it subsides, RCT is a must.

Myth 5: Root Canal Treatment Includes Removal Of Tooth Roots:

Due to lack of information people can buy this myth and we believe you look for the right information such as this one we are providing because it is a total myth. No, we don’t remove the root of the tooth that we are treating. Root canal treatment is the process in which we remove the infected pulp of the tooth. Once the infected pulp is removed the area is cleaned and sealed with a crown. This process is meant to restore the tooth root.

Myth 6: Root Canal Treatment Is A Time Taking Treatment:

If one or two visits are considered time taking then yes it is. Actually, this whole process is done in a single day. You might or might not be asked to give a second visit just to check on your condition and assess the healing process of the patient.

Myth 7: Pregnant Females Cannot Go Through Root Canal Treatment:

In general, pregnant females are recommended to avoid any procedure that includes x-rays. However, RCT requires just a mouth x-ray and that means it is safe for pregnant females to get RCT.

Myth 8: Crows Can Lead To Root Canal Troubles:

It is yet another misconception that crowns will damage or cause root canal issues.

Myth 9: Tooth Extraction Is Better Option Than Root Canal Treatment:

Your dentist will recommend tooth extraction as the last resort for your damaged tooth. Root Canal Treatment salvages the roots of your tooth and that means it keeps the adjacent healthy teeth in the good condition.

Myth 10: Root Canal Treatment Can Cause Illnesses:

Medical experts have assessed various data related to RCT that points out how this procedure has saved patients from severe heart and brain infections.

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