What Is The Tooth Extraction And Is It Really Painful?
06 Nov 2020

Tooth extraction is one of the most feared procedures and patients with dental problems hope they don’t have to go through it. So, what is tooth extraction actually, and is it really that scary?

When Is Tooth Extraction Needed?

A deformed or damaged tooth can be needed to be removed to prevent any other dental complications in the future. Tooth extraction is possible in cases when teeth infection, decay, or trauma has affected your teeth/tooth.

Although the dentist focuses on salvaging the teeth but certain infections and injuries that leave your tooth/teeth impacted might need to be extracted. Not extracting a tooth that needs to be extracted will cause pain, discomfort, and other possible medical complications.

For instance, wisdom teeth that are partially or fully impacted can lead to various dental complications and discomfort in your mouth. The impacted wisdom teeth can easily get infected and even damage the neighboring teeth and gum area which can further impact your smile alignment.

To prevent any tooth decay and other health issues it is best to get your tooth extracted in such scenarios. For the best dentist service in Rewari meet our experts at Devshree Dental Clinic. Call today!

What Is The Procedure Of Tooth Extraction?

Modern age dental treatments are far advanced and in favor of patients as they are less painful and hassle-free. Devshree Dental Clinic and other certified dentist clinics use sedation dentistry to ensure tooth extraction is painless.

During the procedure, the dentist will first administer sedation so that the procedure of extraction is comfortable for you. Always consult with your dentist before getting the treatment and learn more about what to expect from the treatment etc. You can consult our certified dentist in Rewari to learn more about the treatment and process.

What Happens During The Procedure Of Tooth Extraction?

Our patients do always ask about what the procedure of extraction looks like. Tooth extraction means removing the tooth from its socket in the bone. In the case of a damaged tooth, it is possible that your dentist will use the filling or crown method to salvage the tooth. Only when the tooth is damaged beyond repair is when your dentist will recommend getting tooth extraction.


Tooth extraction is one of the procedures and treatment services we provide at Devshree Dental Clinic. If you need to learn more about it you can Give Us A Call Right Away or visit our clinic in Sector 3 Rewari. Follow us on our social media profile to stay updated on the latest news and information.

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