What You Should Know About White Spots On Your Teeth?
10 Jul 2020

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Devshree Dental Clinic is one stop for your complete dental care and you can reach out to us any time to book an appointment and get one-to-one consultation. Through this blog post, we will be talking about something very common yet little known topic about white spots on teeth. Let’s dig right into it, shall we?!

Why Do My Teeth Have White Spots?

It is totally possible for our teeth to develop white spots and while generally, these are not something serious, there can be certain factors that might indicate some serious reasons behind the condition. Aesthetically these white spots are not considered very appealing but what we are more concerned about here is if there is an underlying problem behind this condition.

In most of the cases, teeth develop these white spots when the mineral content in the enamel is below normal. What triggers this loss of mineral content in enamel is the plaque present in our teeth which increases the acidity level.

While the type of food we eat or liquid we consume has a direct effect on the acidity level, it is important to understand that the bacterial action in the mouth can pretty much trigger this acidity build-up. Trauma to a tooth during the development phase is yet another reason why you are experiencing white spots.

Apart from facing the cosmetic concern, the white spots can actually cause deterioration of your teeth. White spot lesion is considered as the first step to tooth decay. White spots can mean that enamel is already affected which leaves teeth vulnerable to various conditions that can damage the teeth.

What is White Spot Lesion?

Dentists generally call this white spot lesion the first step to tooth decay. It can very well be considered as the early sign of a tooth cavity. People wearing braces can easily face such problems if they are not following proper oral hygiene. Flossing and brushing your teeth properly and thoroughly is important and essential to get rid of the plaque build-up and other bacterial actions that can cause white spot lesions and eventually turn into a cavity.

Apart from maintaining good hygiene, you can also improve your diet and eating habits to avoid and prevent white spot lesions. Drinks rich in sugar and acidity as well as food that are rich in carbohydrates should be avoided to protect your teeth from acid formation and eventually enamel damage.

One thing to understand is braces do not cause white spot lesion and this condition can be very well presented (even when you are wearing braces) if you can manage to religiously follow your oral hygiene routine. Already accumulated plaque can be tough to remove and braces together can make it a tough job for the dentists. Lack of proper oral hygiene will leave your teeth affected and tooth staining will be visible once your braces are off. Patients who suffer the problem of white spot lesion once their braces are taken-off it is possible to consult with your dentist to find out a suitable treatment plan to salvage the teeth.

Is It Possible For My Dentist To Remove The White Spots?

White spot lesions are generally permanent change in the teeth that cannot be erased however, there are different factors that can be considered, and accordingly, the dentist will help you with the next plan of action to keep your teeth in the good shape. Some of the factors being the size of the white spot lesion, what really caused the formation of the lesion, the level of enamel deterioration, and the quantity of the spots on the teeth.

Your dentist will assess the condition and make sure it doesn’t get worse and the situation can be prevented if it is still in the early stage and procedure like micro-abrasion works on it. In other situations when white spot lesions are in high quantity then orthodontists can recommend getting veneers or capping the teeth to hide the deformity.

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