Winter Season & Dental Care Tips To Prevent Toothache
01 Dec 2022

Winter is here and it is time to be extra careful about your dental hygiene. Winter is certainly the time when you enjoy being less active and having an easy time at home. It is also a time when you tend to enjoy binge eating your favorite snack while being toasty warm in your bed and watching your favorite shows. Where we’re going with this? We’re pointing out at habits during the winter season that can lead to dental problems.

Also, during the winter season, we are susceptible to various health concerns such as colds, coughs, fever, and of course dental issues. Some of the dental conditions or problems that might aggravate during this year end time are tooth sensitivity, canker sores, toothache, etc. That’s why we always suggest visiting your dental expert every six months.

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What Are The Reasons Behind Teeth Pain During Winter Season?

1. Teeth Grinding & Toothache:

Cold weather and teeth chattering are normal but if you constantly have chattering of teeth during winter then it can damage your teeth enamel.

Constant chattering can wear down the protective layer of teeth and that will leave your teeth vulnerable to external factors such as tooth sensitivity, bacterial infection, etc.

2. Contraction of Teeth Layers:

Extreme weather conditions can also affect teeth. For instance, cold weather can contract teeth enamel.

However, it is possible that outer enamel and inner dentin do not contract to the same extent and that stresses the teeth which can cause sensitivity and pain due to the discomfort.

Such stressors on teeth due to weather changes can cause hairline cracks in teeth over time.

3. Low Levels of Vitamin D & Toothache:

Vitamin D strengthens your bone and teeth. In the winter season, you don’t get as much sunshine as you get during summer.

Also, cold weather makes us less active and we often stay indoors and thus have very little exposure to sunshine. Weak bone and teeth become susceptible to various health concerns and toothache are one of them.

How To Reduce Toothache or Teeth Pain In The Winter Season?

1. Brush But Don’t Overdo It:

It is possible that you are tempted to take extra care of your teeth during winter and end up brushing too aggressively or brushing more than required. Aggressive and over-brushing can cause teeth sensitivity problems and thus it is best to stick to your regular dental routine.

2. Choose Right Toothbrush & Toothpaste:

Your toothbrush will work for a certain period of time and then it is time to change it as bristles will wear out after regular use. Change your toothbrush every three months. For sensitive teeth, you should use a brush that has soft bristles. You can use toothpaste that helps to keep teeth sensitivity under control.

3. Breathing Through Nose To Keep Cold At Bay:

Instead of directly breathing through the mouth and losing your natural body heat that keeps your mouth cavity in optimum temperature, it is best to breathe through the nose. You can wear warm clothes and gear that will keep your neck, and face area warm and not leave you vulnerable to the cold air of the winter season.

4. Don’t Get Teeth Whitening In Winter Season:

Teeth whitening can lead to teeth sensitivity during the winter season or cold weather. Thus, it is best to avoid it during the winter months.

5. Hydration Is The Key:

Keep your water intake in check. Replenish your body with water also it helps in getting rid of any food particles stuck in your teeth that can cause bacterial action and cavities.

6. Don’t Miss Regular Dental Check-Ups:

Be proactive when it comes to getting regular dental consultations and check-ups for your teeth. It is important that your dental expert checks your dental condition regularly and points out any treatment you need to prevent dental issues.


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