Oral Health Problems That Get Triggered By Eating Disorders
22 Oct 2021

“Be true to your teeth and they will not be false to you” In this blog, we will discuss how eating disorders can also have an adverse effect on your oral health as well. Let’s learn about the symptoms and affect of these eating disorders on your dental…

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What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?
14 Oct 2021

“Your dental cleaning should be a part of your spring cleaning” We are back with another quite insightful dental blog for our readers. In this blog, we are discussing about the dental condition known as Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS). Devshree Dental Clinic is among the best dentist services…

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Dental Bonding Or Dental Veneer For Chipped Tooth
08 Oct 2021

Children can easily get carried away when having fun or indulging in playful activities which can lead to minor mishaps once in a while. Chipped tooth in children is pretty common as it can be one of those episodes from reckless playground fun or some sport activity that…

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Top 4 Cases When You Can Use Dental Laminates For A Beautiful Smile
01 Oct 2021

‘If you have more cavities that you have teeth, then you’ve led a ‘sweet’ life.’ – Stanley Victor Paskavich There are so many ways to improve your smile and thus enhance your overall beauty. Dental procedures for smile correction are something you can consider if you are not…

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Do You Know About These 4 Common Endodontics Procedures?
24 Sep 2021

We are back with another interesting topic of dental treatment and dental concerns. In this blog, we will highlight about endodontics and what it is all about. By the end of this blog, you will learn the four most common endodontics procedures that are performed by dental professionals.…

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Top 10 Ways You Can Avoid Root Canal Treatment
18 Aug 2021

“Better Safe Than Sorry” Yes, it is better to avert a problem rather than struggling with the treatment process. We understand that most people don’t feel comfortable visiting dentists. It’s just this weird but it is true and to some extent, we understand your awkwardness. Dental problems bring…

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Cavities 101: What are Cavities & How to Treat Them?
23 Jul 2021

“Be true to your teeth and they won’t be false to you!” It is normal to have a cavity or two but what is not normal is not doing anything about it or not taking enough measures to prevent them in the first place. This blog will talk…

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Fluoride and Facts You Need To Know In Devshree Dental Care
09 Jul 2021

What Is Fluoride? It is a mineral that is naturally present in water and food. Fluoride is known to have various benefits that we need for our bodies. Some studies have found that fluoride is effective in strengthening the bone density to a certain extent. It also prevents…

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Is Dental Implant A Permanent Treatment For You ?
29 Jun 2021

At Devshree Dental Clinic, one question that our dental implant patients ask often is, “Will this dental implant last forever?” So, to clear your doubts regarding this subject we thought it is better to put out a separate blog on this topic. Firstly, dental implants and the longevity…

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What Do You Need To Know About Dental Problems & Eating Disorders?
17 Jun 2021

Did you know that eating disorders can lead to various health problems along with dental issues? Anorexia, binge eating, and bulimia are some of the common eating disorders which can have varying problems related to the oral cavity aka the mouth. Through this blog, we will highlight how…

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