What is Sleep Apnea and How It Affects Your Sleeping?
08 Jun 2021

Do you know that your oral cavity (aka mouth) can tell a lot about your inconsistent sleep patterns and the problem of sleep apnea? Studies have shown how even after following healthy sleeping habits people with sleep apnea experience tiredness and poor quality sleep. This is one of…

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Top 10 Reasons Behind Why You Have Tooth Pain
06 May 2021

It is believed that toothache or tooth pain can be one of those health concerns that you just cannot ignore as it can easily impede your daily routine and meddle with your mental health as it certainly affects your mood and anxiety. Whether it is a mild or…

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How To Choose Braces For Your Teeth On Devshree Dental Care?
27 Apr 2021

Having perfect teeth is something anyone would love to have but it is completely natural to not have perfectly aligned teeth naturally. You don’t have to continue living with misaligned teeth as we have certain dental procedures and treatments that are aimed to fix your teeth. Braces have…

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What Causes Tooth Sensitivity To Cold And How You Can Deal With It?
13 Apr 2021

Ice-creams works best for every situation whether you it be a stressful day at work you want to unwind and enjoy a little with a cold and sweet ice cream or it is about celebrating something. It always works with ice cream unless you are sensitive tooth then…

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We Debunk 10 Myths On Root Canal Treatment Procedure
31 Mar 2021

It is common to have misconceptions related to any subject or topic unless we have the right information. Dental services and treatments have improved within the past couple of decades but there is still a dearth of the right information that will keep the general public updated on…

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Curious Case Of Missing Teeth And Underlying Risks
17 Mar 2021

Here is what you need to know if you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth. A missing tooth can not only affect your self-confidence (by impacting your overall appearance) it can also have some health risks. There could be long-term oral health issues that can be triggered…

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Top 5 Ways To Start Your Year With A Healthy Smile In 2021
01 Mar 2021

With New Year we tend to come up with new resolutions for our life and that’s a good way to have a fresh start. How often do we think about making a resolution for our oral health? It might not be that common for us to cater enough…

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Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Calcium Level in 2021
25 Feb 2021

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.”-Miguel de Cervantes Our body needs the right nutrition to maintain that healthy state and that’s why doctors recommend a balanced diet. Vitamins and minerals are an important part of our nutrition and today we are going…

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Tooth Extraction And Aftercare Food Habits 2021
05 Feb 2021

“An aching tooth is better out than in. To lose a rotting member is a gain.” -Richard Baxter Any dental procedure that you go through must be recommended and done only by a certified dentist. Tooth extraction is one of the many dental procedures you might have to…

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Teeth Bleaching in Devshree Dental Clinic : Myth Versus Fact 2021
21 Jan 2021

Devshree Dental Clinic is among the most trusted dental clinics for top dentist services in sector 3 of Rewari. Find out more about our services on our treatment pages. Through this blog post, we will be focussing on some of the general myths that are going around related…

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